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07.12.2013 21:00

The international tournament category "B" "Memorial of Pranciskus Eygminas" was held  In Vilnius. The competition day was begun from greeting guests and participants of the tournament. According to tradition, it was visited by relatives, students and friends of Eygminas. They shared with the audience the story of this remarkable man who was the president of Lithuanian SAMBO Federation almost 40 years. 

Albinas Eigminas, brother of Pranciskus Eigminas: Our family grew nine children, seven of them were boys. Pranciskus was the fourth. Already in childhood we saw his organizational skills. He was not only doing something himself, but also he infected others with his business. He played checkers, chess, cards, basketball, volleyball and football. Circle widened after admission. Skiing and boxing added that time. Due to its prominent physical health he was in SAMBO. He became a coach. And until his death Pranciskus led SAMBO in Lithuania.

The tournament was attended by the boys and girls born in 1994-1997. And as the list of countries each year varies, the leaders of the past years also differ. On the seventh tournament "Memorial of Pranciskus Eygminas" one of the most opponents came - Belarusians. Among the first, winning the gold in the treasury team, Simon Arutyunyan was. 11:0 and pain lock in the end of the fight.

Simon Arutunyan, Belarus: To be honest, it was very difficult to win. Opponent was strong. But it is years of training. I went to many countries to make my technique better.  

Belarusian sportsman also became one of the gold medalists among girls. Most Lithuanian athletes took medals. Girls from Austria, the Netherlands and Ireland raised the podium too. 

Diana Los, Belarus: I participate for the first time in this tournament. Intense opponents were in the final and semifinal. Strong contenders were from Lithuania, but I won. 

As for the boys, there is a clear advantage for medals related not only to the large number of athletes, but also to the fact that domestic tournaments is easier tolerated by athletes, both physically and emotionally.

Benas Razalyunas, Lithuania: All fights were very heavy. But I have long been preparing for this tournament, so I has won. Native walls and the support of friends helped me today.

Eduardas Rudas, Lithuanian SAMBO Federation President: Tournament was successful. Meetings were bright and interesting. The leaders were Belarusians, Estonians also have medals. Of course, Lithuanian team dominated. We had a lot of participants. I think the tournament increases in the skill every year. 



56 kg
1. Diana Los,  Belorussia
2. Auguste Repeckaite, Lithuania, Moletai
3. Niamh Looney, Ireland
3. Egbertdina Johana Zandman, Ireland

64 kg
1. Solveiga Gotto, Lithuania, Vilnius
2. Sandra Zievyte, Lithuania, Jurbarkas
3. Veronika Baranauskaite, Lithuania
3. Yana Raneiskaja, Belorussia

64 + kg
1. Agnė Slapelyte, Lithuania, Rokiskis
2. Akvile Titorenko, Lithuania, Klaipeda
3. Diana Zhukovets, Belorussia
4. Anastasija Barbanakova, Slovakia


48 kg
1. Simon Arutsiunian, Belorussia
2. Vilius Sasnauskas, Lithuania, Vilnius

52 kg
1. Vladislav Rachkov, Belorussia
2. Oskaras Zimiarovas, Lithuania, Rokiskis
3. Andrej Kravcenko, Lithuania, Klaipeda
3. Vegt Nils, Niderlands

57 kg 
1. Aivaras Galatiltis, Lithuania, Vilnius
2. Artur Gavrilov, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Domantas Murauskas, Lithuania, Jurbarkas
3. Aleksandr Kravcenko, Lithuania, Klaipeda

60 + kg
1. Dmitrij Chochlov, Belorussia
2. Rojus Razaitis, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Povilas Aleksandravicius, Lithuania
3. Martynas Krapas, Lithuania

62 kg
1. Benas Razaliūnas, Lithuania, Siauliai
2. Denis Krainiak, Belorussia
3. Gediminas Čiursinas, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Bartosz Spychala, Poland

68 kg
1. Mykolas Lukosevicius, Lithuania, Alytus
2. Marcin Dubovski, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Valdemaras Griniuk, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Andrius Bondorovas, Lithuania, Vilnius

74 kg
1. Boris Lebedev, Estonia
2. Tautvydas Zemaitis, Lithuania, Jurbarkas
3. Viaceslav Kulbickij, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Ricard Statino, Lithuania, Vilnius

82 kg
1. German Duran, Estonia
2. Manvydas Sokolvas, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Martijn Grootens, Niderlands
4. Rokas Garbaciauskas, Lithuania, Klaipeda

82 + kg
1.  Edvard Mackevic, Lithuania, Vilnius
2. Martynas Mileisis, Lithuania, Vilnius
3. Mantas Sveiteris, Lithuania, Alytus
3. Domantas Kairys, Lithuania

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