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«Memorial of P. Eigminas»: from preparation to the podium

10.12.2013 21:00

Preparing for the tournament "Memorial of Pranciskus Eygminas" for those athletes who had arrived in Vilnius earlier, started nice and fun. For them, SAMBO Federation of Lithuania was organized visit to aqua park. So the day they prepared mentally well and in the evening - physically.

Lukas Filipowiak, Poland: In three months I was preparing for this tournament to take its rightful place. If here I will fight well, I can go with the national team of Poland to other more serious competition. I'm ready to fight.

Bartek Spychala, Poland: I do judo 7 years and three years - SAMBO. Like my friends on the team, I was preparing for three months for this tournament, because I want to get into the team at the European Championship.

Nina Zandman, Niderland: It is the first tournament in Lithuania for me. I think it would be very productive for me. I'm happy because it's a new tournament for me, but I think it will be very difficult, because I guess I'm the youngest in my weight.

Niels Van der Vegt / Arjan Vijn, Nederland: It’s my first time here. But in SAMBO competitions I participate for the third time. I really hope my performance will be great and progressive. And I am here for the first time. I like it, nice swimming. Also I want to take the rightful place, but for now I do not even know who would have to fight. 

Nina Zandman, Niderland: We relax before starting. In the evening we have a training.

The competition was attended by over 100 athletes born in 1994-97 from 9 countries. Tournament was held for the seventh time. It is included in the official calendar of FIAS. And, nevertheless, the goal of the competition is not only in the promotion and development of SAMBO . It is held to those people who honor the memory Eygiminas. Pranciskus Eygiman had been the President of the Lithuanian SAMBO Federation about 40 years; for sport achievements of his charges he was awarded the title of Honored coach of the Republic. Pranciskus Eygminas was behind the creation of the European Federation, for 2 periods he was Secretary-General of the International SAMBO Federation.

Albinas Eygminas, brother of  Pranciskus Eygimanas: His students, his friends and acquaintances on sport visit this tournament. His employees are going, because he worked for 27 years on the business side provost at the University of Vilnius. 

Henk-Jon Ningbers, referee: I heard a lot of him and read about him. He was a very good promoter for SAMBO in Vilnius. In my opinion he was a good person, he developed SAMBO in the world. 

Adas Rudas, the organizing team: He was a remarkable person. I think for everyone of us for SAMBO lovers he is one of the most important figures in SAMBO history in Lithuania, and everyone can remember him only with a good word and I think all tournament is about him and to remember him. 

Yonas Valunas, the member of executive committee of the Lithuanian SAMBO federation: Pranciskus Eygminas certainly is an outstanding figure of SAMBO and across Lithuania and internationally. Because we informally call him the father of SAMBO Lithuania. And internationally, he distinguished himself as a leader of the international federation. His contribution to the sport recognized. 

Leaders were the hosts of the tournament. Lithuanians won 31 medals, six of them were gold. Also athletes from Belarus, Estonia, and Poland successfully performed. And some sportsmen participated the first time in the international competitions. So a good result gives them the opportunity to go to higher level tournaments.

Niamh Looney, Ireland: I dot third place. I’m happy. I didn’t expect. 

Seams Manning, Ireland national team coach: Leo is now introduce SAMBO in Ireland. Now its not so big, our federation. But I think it will more close involve. I think SAMBO become bigger in Ireland. 

Henk-Jon Ningbers, referee: There are some beginnings. In Nederland SAMBO is not developed yet. But this is the great chance to learn SAMBO and to do something more than judo. It’s a great experience I think. 

Evelina Jasaite, Lithuania: I have a bronze in this tournament and it was quite difficult. Because I have a trauma. So it was difficult and painful tournament for me. 

Vladislav Rachkov, Belarus: On points, of course, benefit was more. The second fight I strongly remember, won 1-0. In the final, more separation, 12:0 or 13:0. 

Boris Lebedev, Estonia: I learned my strength, this is the second SAMBO competitions for me. This is a great experience, today I have a lot of meetings. Maybe I will think about how to switch from judo to SAMBO. 

Evelina Jasaite, Lithuania: You can I ask your friends to come and to keep you, so it is easier when you at a home town. 

German Duran, Estonia: Everybody were good athletes. In the finals was a difficult meeting. I won 2-1. Another subgroup was a difficult meeting, I won it 2-0. Well, so do all were the convenient partners. 

FIAS Leadership arrived to present awards to the athletes and honor Pranciskus Eygminas. FIAS President Michael Schultz, the 1-st Vice President David Rudman and General Secretary of the International Federation Nikolai Lenz saw the fights. The tournament was attended by girls of 3 weight categories and boys of 8 weight categories. When the competition will be more visited, the number of categories will increase.

Eduardas Rudas, president of the Lithuanian SAMBO Federation: When we will have a lot of participants, then we will do more weight categories. Initially, we do not have girls at our tournament, and then we added them. 

At the end of the competition those federations who were able to stay in Lithuania, became better acquainted with Vilnius, which will wait athletes again in 2014, on the eighth tournament "Memorial of Pranciskus Eygminas".

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