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10.11.2012 19:00

In the Palace of Sports in Minsk ended the second day of the World sambo championship. For permanent leader, the Russian team, it was not as successful as the previous one. If the first day of the tournament Russians took seven gold medals, now the team was reinforced with 4 gold. World title won sambo wrestlers Kirill Sidelnikov, Alexei Ivanov, Alsim Chernoskulov and Uali Kurzhev.

Uali Kurzhev, the Russian team: The most complex it's probably had a meeting with the Ukrainian, the third, has turned most complete of all. All finished earlier, only this was complete. This is my long-time rival; it’s always hard with him. I expected that the final would be very heavy. Because I fought him 3 times and all 3 times were very hard to won from him.

David Rudman, the Honorary President of FIAS: Who is the main rival of all - it's the Russians. It is clear. But now the competition is so strong that it is very difficult to break.

Uali Kurzhev, the Russian team: Every day cannot be so. All countries are tightened. This year, I think, more and more countries that ever come to the world championship. I think in the near future sambo will be in the Olympic cycle.

Athletes from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Lithuania ware also able to take gold in the second day of the tournament. Among the winners there were also sportsmen from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Mongolia, Italy and Kyrgyzstan.

Sergei Grechikho, the Lithuanian team: Any fight, it's an emotional experience. You adjust is the maximum, because that's one battle all depends. No need to look further. One fight. And the first fight I had with a representative of Russia. It is a big responsibility. Ukrainian and Azerbaijani. That is, the subgroup, in fact, was very heavy. It was 3 world champions.

Gyulbadam Babamuratova, the national team of Turkmenistan: I am happy to participate in this tournament. My opponents were very strong. But, despite this, I won.

Ata Adayev, President of Turkmenistan Sambo Federation: We have taken a worthy victory, and with a worthy opponent left. So thanks for this championship. Congratulations to all the champions and winners also on this happy holiday!

Aslambek Aslakhanov, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation: Level, especially the girls progress. Look: Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, look at where the girl is not even involved in this sport. And look, now fighter from Italy is struggling with a strong Ukrainian. Very promising girl who soon will not be equal, because she grew up in a short time. And others are here.

David Rudman, the Honorary President of FIAS: Turkmens, the girl struggled in the final great, Tajiks are struggling. Generally, in fact, there are no surprises. The Soviet Union is still very strong in combat sambo. 

Uali Kurzhev, the Russian team: We expected that Belarusians are our competitors. Belarusians have even a single gold medal. Kazakhstan team also pulled very well. Well, the CIS countries, this year a lot of countries from America. 

By the way, America is gaining momentum. Each year in the United States more and more athletes choose sambo.

Justin Brezhnev, USA team: About 6 years ago we had 60 people in American sambo federations, and now we have more than 2000 participants. Now we have David Rudman and Jack Kogan, they are working together to push the sport. 

The third and final day of the World sambo championship 2012 is held in Minsk tomorrow. After that, the final results of the tournament will be announced.

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