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The final day of the World Sambo Championship 2012.

11.11.2012 21:00

World Sambo championship 2012 is finished in Minsk. The third and final day of the competition showed that the technical level of athletes has grown on all continents. Fighters from Moldova, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, Mongolia, France, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan upped on the podium.

Sumiya Dorjsuren, the Mongolian team: First time I participate in the World Cup for the first time get the gold. So I'm very pleased. Of course, the final fight was very difficult. I am very happy that I survived it, and got the gold.

Almaz Suleymenov, the team of Kazakhstan: We have gold, one silver and five bronze medals. Kazakhstan for a long time in the post-Soviet area ranked among the leaders. Therefore, the country is working on sport, I want to thank everyone who helped me. I really wanted to win this championship. Already 2 times was lost. God, they say things come in threes. That's the third time and I became the champion.

Ilya Khlybov, the Russian team: Level become higher, there are good sportsmen even in the countries in which the sport is for 2-3 years. World championship is at the highest level, and every year it is harder and harder. 

Jason Fraser, Trinidad and Tobago Sambo Federation president: We had 2 sportsmen, they performed very well. They lost semi-finals. But it was good experience for us. 

The winners awarded in the inpidual competition and in the team. According to the results of 3 days of competition places for women were as follows: the third place is Ukraine, the second is the hosts of the tournament, Belarusians, well and Russian women's team became a leader.

Anna Balashovа, the Russian team: Overall I liked the Organization, it is super! People are welcoming; Belarusians are generally handsome, they supported me. My opponent was a Ukrainian, I still hear the support, they are our brothers! 13:30

As for the men, here the first two positions remain the same, they made up of Russia and Belarus. Also, the three leaders Georgia entered. In sambo first three places were all the same Russia with Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Yury Rybak, national team of Belarus:  It is much harder to fight at home. It is a big responsibility, but at least here the walls also help, but you know, a double edged sword. 

Vladimir Yaprintsev President of Sambo Federation of Belarus: We are glad that we meet our friends from around the world. Current championship we have considered a record number of declared countries and taking part in it. 64 countries have been entered, 55 countries submitted their members. Yet, we must admit that the leaders have remained the same. This is, first and foremost, the team of Russia, and it is natural. We try to beat them, of course. But traditions are strong, and thank God. I am proud that our team is in the championship leader. As always it is the post-Soviet space. 

Almaz Suleymenov, the team of Kazakhstan: Championships was very well, at a high level. Rivals were the Russian and Uzbek. The competitions were not hard, I think, there were early victory. I think, in general, it’s well-made. 

Ilya Khlybov, the Russian team: Championship was successful, I won. I believe, all competitors, were worthy  gold and silver. I've trained a whole year to work, this is the result. All year we worked hard, and the result is on the face. 

Upon completion of the World Cup, the participants noted the successful organization of the tournament, as well as the possible prospects of Sambo. Increasing the number of participating countries and their victories in tournaments push the sport to new levels.

Vladimir Yaprintsev, President of Sambo Federation of Belarus: Sambo is gathering pace. In addition, the number of countries increases; we are on the way of official recognition. We go through the necessary legal steps. Everything is fine, everything is going your way. I hope that after all we gain the Olympic family. 

Jason Fraser, Trinidad and Tobago Sambo Federation president: A dream comes true. It is a great event. And we are can be in the Olympics in the near future.

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