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Arrival of the Athletes World Sambo Championship 2012

08.11.2012 12:00

This year World Sambo Championship is held in the capital of Belarus. Minsk met athletes with usual autumn weather. Now it is little a bit cool and overcast. Belarus has long been famous for its scenic beauty, ancient castles, old manor houses, churches and temples. Minsk is the most populous city in the country. It is the center of cultural and political life in Belarus. Now Sambo wrestlers ready for the start of the tournament, so to see all the sights of the city they could later.

Victor Sokolovskiy, Canadian Sambo Federation president: The Canadian Federation is the first time at the World Championships, it was organized three years ago on the basis of the school "Tsunami", which is engaged in karate, judo, jiu-jitsu.

Anastasia Shurygina, Team Canada: I wrestle on Sunday, but I think about it every day, every night, I think two weeks tune. But I just set.

Valery Muravsky, Moldova: We got well, the location of places still do not know where we settle down. I hope that all will be well. And the placement will be normal.

Marios Andreou, President Sambo Federation of Cyprus: I think Russia will be strong. - Who else? - Russia, Belarus.

Dmitry Troshkin, head coach of Russia: Dmitry, I’m glad to see you! How did our team get, in what part? - All according to plan, got good train arrived, we were greeted by, posted, that is, brothers Belarusians work one hundred percent. Great experience all kinds of competitions of different levels, so we are all familiar. All look forward to seeing. Our team has arrived in full force. Sport Sambo women, men and Combat Sambo, that is on 27 athletes.

Anatoly Skipari, Vice President Sambo Federation of Finland: We have ridded yesterday, at night from Helsinki. We are happy to arrive. Minsk looks very nice. I’ve been here last time about 20 years ago. The city was changed in a positive. I’m so happy to be again here.

Abdo Ayoub, coach of Lebanon: What can you say about Minsk? – It’s a very beautiful city although the weather is very cold, but it’s a very nice city and people here are very welcoming.

Eastham Kudratov, Uzbekistan national team: Mood is fighting as always, as they say, come to win.

I can win, my team good prepared. I hope. The Belorussian Andrey Kazusyonok is very strong. I lost him one time.

Victor Sokolovskiy, President Sambo Federation of Canada: It is one athlete who took me 10 years to 12 years, now she is 22 years old. So we will try to perform well.

Anastasia Shurygina, Team Canada: I was in the seventh grade. I remember watching television, we show every Sunday Russian television. And for some reason I woke up this Sunday at 7 am, I do not know why. There was advertising "Tsunami Club," I do not know why I called back, it was all automatic. I do not even know how to explain.

Valery Muravsky, Moldova: The situation is normal weather is normal, the city is clean and the people are simply normal.

Dmitry Troshkin, head coach of Russia: Major competitors are Belarusians, of course. Every year on the European and world championships they compete with us. And the guys know each other well, for many years there is a confrontation. Sambo of wins, because competition is healthy, beautiful fight turns out.

Anatoly Skipari, Vice President Sambo Federation of Finland: The team is ready for competition. We have 4 people who are interested in sambo and training sambo in Finland. At the moment it’s a very competitive organization. Its very good to take part in this championship.

Abdo Ayoub, coach of Lebanon: We are not very big team, at this championship two athletes participate only. We train very hard, and we hope we get some good results.

Victor Sokolovskiy, President Sambo Federation of Canada: Sambo was developed in Canada, and develops very slowly due to the fact that English-speaking people, but that Russian help that is Sambo, what is self-defense and love.

Anastasia Shurygina, Team Canada: I usually train with men, only man, we have so many girls do not. I always want them to be heavier than me. Because if it is hard in training, then in battle, the competition will be much easier.

Valery Muravsky, Moldova: The result will show. - That is, until something afraid to assume? - All came to win, but not all win. - Who are the main competitors think? – All are the strong, not the weak.

Anatoly Skipari, Vice President Sambo Federation of Finland: So what do you expect from this tournament, may be to get some medals? – Of course, we want to get some medals, but we don’t know the really level of competitors. We know that Russia is very good. We now some teams are very strong. On the European championships we have good result, so, we want some medals.

Victor Sokolovskiy, President Sambo Federation of Canada: Planck is to go into the top three. And we'll see.

Anastasia Shurygina, Team Canada: We're in the army almost, company growth, company retreat. But we do not only teach the battle, we are taught how to live, how to behave with older, respect each other, that is a vital training and combat.

You can watch special reports and championship on-line on www.sambo.tv. Don’t miss out exciting fights!

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