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09.11.2012 18:00

The 36th World Sambo Championship hosted in Minsk. This is one of the most popular sports in Belarus. In the world ranking sportsmen of the country have always occupied a leading position. 5 years ago, in the 2007th, Belarusian sambo wrestlers managed to win first place in the team event at the world championships. Guest of honor at the tournament was Fedor Emelianenko, a four-time world champion in sambo.

Fedor Emelianenko, a four-time world champion in sambo: More and more competition we have in the world championships. But it is more interesting fight. 

Among the participants of the tournament there are sambo wrestlers from more than 40 countries. And among the strongest there are increasingly athletes, trainees not only in post-Soviet space.

Alexander Panov, the Russian team: European Championships in Moscow, now the World Cup shows that not only Russia is in a new level. But we come on the tail of the other teams. Sambo develops, it's good. 

Denis Davydov, the Russian team: All the bouts were very complex. The latter was the strongest athlete, probably. He's got a little bit more open to fight, so we were throwing. But the hardest fight I had with a representative of Georgia, I am hardly in the opinion of the judges has won. Of course, the competition was difficult. 

Svetlana Galyant, the Russian team: For me contractions complex. Because I have all the contenders in this championship new, unknown, dark horses can be found on the tournament. 

As a result, for the first day of the championship team of Russia took seven gold medals, the other two were goes to the team of Georgia and Belarus. Athletes from Armenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Ukraine and Lithuania also went on the podium.

Fedor Emelianenko, a four-time world champion in sambo: All of our guys are very pleased, of course, there are small errors. But all the sportsmen I liked and girls, and boys. Alexander was especially in the last battle. 

Alexander Panov, the Russian team: The first bout was the most severe, and in the finals already warmed up, has already been configured. Coaching staff helped set up, but in the beginning it was more difficult than at the end. 

Rumen Stoilov, Bulgarian Sambo Federation President: I have no resentment and disappointment. To be honest, for the first day, the level of competition is very high, you can see many athletes. Now look, there's my sportsman took third place, 28 people were in the weight, imagine what it is! 

Svetlana Galyant, the Russian team: For I have opened new Georgia. Very interesting they have a rival. Here Kazakh was good, well, basically, due to the fact that I was sick and struggling at the moment with the temperature, so little it was not very active fight. And so in fact I think I am technically an athlete without any false modesty. And I am very pleased to win this, and I want to say a big thank you to the doctor who came specially to support me in this tournament and my personal coach Aslan whom I love very much. 

Worth noting, the day before the competition, the Russian team has changed. Sambo wrestlers Artem Osipenko and Eugene Isaev were injured, so they will be replaced Alchim Chernoskulov and Maxim Shiryaev. The outcome of these battles, you'll learn from these reports.

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